Friday, February 26, 2016

Takara Unite Warriors UW-06 Convoy Grand Prime is now in-stock!

Takara Unite Warriors UW-05 Convoy Grand Prime

Takara Unite Warriors UW-05 Convoy Grand Prime, is now in-stock! Make sure to follow the link to get your set. Pre-orders are currently being processed. Don't forget to take advantage of the Prime Directives!

Takara LG-19 Springer, now in-stock!

Takara LG-19 Springer

Takara LG-19 Springer is now in-stock. Transformers The Movie color scheme. Follow the links and order yours. Thanks for choosing The Chosen Prime!

Combiner Wars G2 Menasor, now in-stock!

Combiner Wars G2 Menasor

Now in-stock - Hasbro Combiner Wars G2 Menasor. Follow the links and add yours to your Roller's Stash to save more. Take advantage of the Prime Directives!

Takara MP-28 Hot Rodimus, now in-stock!

Takara MP-28 Hot Rodimus

Takara MP-28 Hot Rodimus is now in-stock and ready to ship! Pre-orders are currently being fulfilled. Make sure to follow the links and get yours. Thanks for choosing The Chosen Prime!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Toyworld TW-C06 Concrete Video Review

Toyworld TW-C06 Concrete video review. Check it out and then follow the links to order yours. Thanks for choosing The Chosen Prime!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Maketoys MTRM-04 Ironwill Photo Gallery

Maketoys MTRM-04 Ironwill

Here's our photo gallery for Maketoys MTRM-04 Ironwill.

Robot Mode

Alt Mode


Maketoys Iron Will - Hardhead

Maketoys is one of those companies that I don't seem to have to worry about aesthetics and engineering. Iron Will is another great figure that has me excited to be in the collecting game right now.

His Nebulon, Duros, is pretty well-made and is as articulated as one can expect from such a small figure. The paint application is very detailed. I like how the forehead crest covers up the face on his back. His shoulders and hips are on ball joints. His elbows and knees are single jointed. When transformed, his feet clip together and to his body, preventing the usual floppiness found with Nebulons.

As an H-tank, Iron Will looks pretty good. The rubber treads are a little tight, but they seem to work on solid surfaces. The starboard cannon has the most range of movement since it's on a swivel and hinge. The other two cannons can't really articulate up and down very much. The cockpit can rotate, but it quickly starts bumping into things. Duros fits easily inside.

Transformation is typical Maketoys, with lots of tabs to secure pieces into place. I didn't find it fussy or difficult. The level of difficulty is more akin to Wrestle and Grapple than Gundog. It was a satisfying and fun process.

Iron Will is a large and heavy figure. He looks fantastic next to Cupula. Plenty of different colors and panel detailing provide visual interest, with a nice use of transparent plastic for even more highlights. My only complaint is how the cockpit on his back doesn't close completely.

His head is on a swivel. It doesn't really have any up and down movement. His shoulders are on a hinge and swivel. He also swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, thighs, and feet. He has non-ratcheted double jointed elbows, but ratcheted single jointed knees. His hips are ratcheted universals. His heel spurs are on hinges. He has ankle rockers, but can't really tilt his feet or toes. His chest panel opens up to reveal Headmaster tech specs, but they are simply painted on.

His accessories include two rifles, his shoulder cannon, and an alternate face. The rifles use the now familiar Maketoys grooved slots that are my new favorite connector for weapons. The shoulder cannon attaches via a mushroom peg. It can articulate vertically a full 90 degrees, but unpegs when I swivel it. The extra face has a mouth plate instead of a mouth. It can store in the back of the cockpit, but in robot mode it falls out because the cockpit doesn't seem to close all the way. I'm going to be keeping the normal face because that is how I remember him from the show. I think the mouth plate version is a homage to the original toy.

Iron Will makes a fine addition to the Re:master line. I'll display him on my Masterpiece shelf while Toyworld Hardbone (snicker) will continue to stand in my CHUG display. I really hope Maketoys brings out Brainstorm and Highbrow and the five Decepticon Headmasters as well.