Friday, May 18, 2018

GigaPower Graviter - Sludge

GigaPower Graviter - Sludge

The Dinobots are my favorite group of Transformers. It’s great that there are so many options for a complete set of these guys. The GigaPower Dinobots stand out because of their aesthetics and size. Graviter is an excellent display piece that I’m glad to have on my shelf floor.

He is an absolute beast in brontosaurus or brachiosaurus mode. I don’t remember FansToys Stomp being this large. I love all the line work and little details. It’s like a nostalgic blast of my childhood toy, but with a much improved look and design. His tail kind of sticks out weirdly in the back. I wished it angled to the ground. 

His head is on a swivel and hinge. The neck also swivels and hinges at a couple of spots. While he doesn’t have the crazy neck articulation of FansProject Columpio, Graviter can be pretty expressive with his neck and head. His mouth opens pretty wide to reveal independently articulating mouth cannons. While his front legs share his robot shoulder and arm articulation, his rear legs are not of his robot hips. They are only on a swivel so they can not splay outward. They also do not swivel at the thighs. Both sets of legs are single-jointed. All his toes articulate independently. Despite the segments, his tail only waggles at one spot.

Transformation back and forth is not difficult. The legs are the most involved. There are a couple of areas where clearance may be an issue - the wings moving past his shoulders and the two panels on his underbelly moving past his leg panels. So far, I’ve managed to avoid the wings scratching his shoulders, but you have to be cautious. The belly pieces have scraped his leg panels though. I forgot to extend his biceps for robot mode.

Robot mode is suitably large and imposing. The red and gold pieces tie in really well with Gutter. The piston details on the back of his elbows are a nice touch. The head sculpt looks great. It avoids the derpiness that is common with FansToys sculpts. Too bad the dinosaur hind legs don’t collapse. There simply is no more room in the feet and shins.

His head is on a ball joint, but the range of motion is sort of limited. His shoulders are on ratcheted hinges and swivels. He can raise his arms out and up to 90 degrees. His elbows are single-jointed. Strangely, they started out ratcheted, but stopped being clickety-clackety after only a couple of curls. I wonder if I’ve broken both ratchets. He can only curl his arms about 90 degrees. His thumbs are on hinges while the rest of his fingers are on individual joints. All his fingers articulate individually, have two knuckles, and can splay ever so slightly. He swivels at his biceps, wrists, waist, and thighs. His hips are on ratcheted universals. The ratchets are not quite strong enough to hold the weight of his legs. He can perform a full side splits, but not quite a full front splits. His knees are single-jointed and ratcheted. They can’t curl very much. Because of the transformation joint, he can bend his lower legs sideways at his knees. He has no ankle rockers or tilts. His toes are on hinges, but they don’t move very much. They can hinge side ways though. Overall, he isn’t exactly the most posable figure.

His accessories include his large rifle, a sword, a pair of smaller rifles, some flame effects, an alternate head, transparent neck and tail pieces, and a strip of blue sticker. All the weapons are nicely detailed, but have zero lick of paint. At least the sword has a translucent blade. The large rifle and sword feature light-up effects, but I don’t have any of those little batteries. All the weapons sit well in his hands, despite using Masterpiece-styled tabs. The flame effects wrap nicely around the blade. They add a lot of weight. If Gutter is anything to go by, I won’t be leaving the sword, heavy with the flame effects, in his hands for long. The weight seems to have weakened the ratchets in Gutter’s sword arm. His alternate head has an angry expression. It simply pops on and off the ball joint. The transparent pieces are great if you want to achieve that G1 toy look in dinosaur mode. I don’t know what the sticker strip is for.

Graviter will stand on my Masterpiece shelf. It has the aesthetics and size that really sets it apart from Stomp. It will probably take another couple of years, but I can’t wait to complete this set.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

FansToys FT-24 Rouge Transformation Sequence

Check out the transformation video for FansToys FT-24 Rouge. Then follow the links to order yours.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Fans Toys Rouge - Arcee

“Dad, why do you have a doll?”

“It’s not a doll. It’s an action figure.”

“Mom, why does Dad have a shelf full of girl robots?”

“Action figures!"

The Movie introduced a slew of new characters in a bid to get kids to beg their parents for new toys. Strangely, Arcee was never offered in the original run. There have been quite a few official and third party offerings in recent years, but only Toyworld Leia is Masterpiece scaled. I wasn’t completely satisfied with how Leia looked on my shelf so was looking forward to Fans Toys Rouge. After the delight of Apache and Koot, Rouge is a bit of a let down.

I usually transform these figures to alt mode and back at least once so I can comment on the process. However, when I was attempting to move one of the backpack armatures past a white panel, cracks started to appear on the white plastic. It’s not visible from the outside, but I don’t want to continue and risk actually breaking something. Fortunately, transforming these things is not so important to me so I’ll just enjoy the figure displayed in robot mode.

For the most part, I like how Rouge looks. The colors are bright and the line work is typical of Fans Toys. Her face sculpt could be little more angular, but otherwise looks great. Her metallic eyes catch the light well. While her shoulder pauldrons look fine, I’m not a fan of how they are attached. The armatures look messy and they don't sit quite right on her back. There is a visible gap in her collar bone and a hole that runs from one side of her chest through to the other. While I appreciate that she does not have high heels like Leia, Rouge could have used some heel spurs. She is very prone to falling over. I can not see displaying her without some sort of stand. Conveniently, there are a couple of ports right on her butt.

Her head is on a ball joint. She has a wide range of motion. Her shoulders are also on ball joints. She can’t quite raise her arms out and up to horizontal. Her elbows are double-jointed. She can perform full curls. Her thumbs are fixed. The rest of her fingers are single pinned and articulate as a single unit. She swivels at her biceps, forearms, thighs, and ankles. Her wrists are hinged. She has a waist waggle so she can perform side to side crunches, but she does not have a waist swivel, limiting are posability. Her hips are on universal joints. During transformation or straight out of the box, make sure to pull her legs out at the hip so she can achieve her full range of motion. She can perform full front and side splits. Her knees are single-jointed, but she can still perform full curls. Her ankles are on rockers and tilts. Her toes are on hinges.

Her accessories include a pistol, a rifle, an alternate chest, a pair of alternate hands, and a slew of alternate faces. Her pistol is gray, with some minimal line work and paint applications. Her rifle is pink. They each have a slot on their handles to receive the tabs on her palms. Although easy to use, the tabs are prone to splitting the handles at the seams. The weapons sit securely in her hands, but her grip looks very dainty. Her alternate chest is more angular and less curvy. Swapping out her chest requires mucking with some screws. Unfortunately, the torso tabs don’t line up properly on the alternative chest so I have to continue using the curvier chest. Her alternate hands do not have the awkward looking tabs, but are otherwise identical. They simply pop on and off their mushroom pegs. She comes with a total of six alternate faces. Two are very similar with neutral expressions, one with her red visor deployed, one with wider eyes than the others, and two with surprised expressions. The face swap mechanism is very simple to use.

Rouge will stand (using the term loosely) on my Fans Toys shelf. I will use her as my Masterpiece stand-in for now because her face sculpt reminds me the most of the source material and because her colors are so much brighter than Leia's. I didn't finish transforming her because I nearly broke a piece in trying. Despite being the second Fans Toys offering (Soveriegn was the other), that I didn’t fully transform, I would have still been excited to complete the Autobot cast of The Movie. Her limited articulation and balance issue killed that for me. Ocular Max has a chance to deliver a knock out blow with their upcoming Arcee figure. Still, I can’t wait for Fans Toys to bring on Hoodlum.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Takara MP-25 Tracks Transformation Sequence

Check out the Transformation Sequence Video for Takara MP-25 Track, then follow the links to order yours. Thank you for choosing The Chosen Prime!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Mastermind Creations Ater Beta and Stray - Deadlock and Drift

I had a sense of deja vu when I opened the latest boxes from Mastermind Creations, especially for Stray. That shouldn’t have been too surprising since Ater Beta and Stray are essentially remolds of Aero Alpha. Both figures are great fun and look amazing on the shelf next to their Reformatted brethren.

While I was a bit on the fence about Aero Alpha’s vehicle mode, I definitely like these guys’ Cybertronian cars a lot. Both vehicles are identical except for their paint applications. The metallic paint on Stray is always appreciated, but I like Ater Beta’s red canopy. Both canopies open easily. Unfortunately, there are no details inside. The undercarriages are distinctly robot torso and thighs with heads peaking out. They don’t really roll so much as slide because the front wheels are not really wheels. Only the center strip of the front wheels spin.

Transformation of both figures is very similar to Aero Alpha, but I don’t recall Aero Alpha's arms popping off their ball joints so easily. Besides that annoyance, the entire process, back and forth between modes, is very smooth and easy. I like the added detail of folding the wheels in half to hide them in their shoulder pauldrons. It’s too bad that the wheels tend to droop down out of place.

Both figures are covered in the line work and paint applications that I like so much about Mastermind Creations figures. While Stray is not as striking as Aero Alpha, his lighter palette is a nice counterpoint to Ater Beta’s darker colors. Ater Beta has a very appealing not-quite-black finish. Both have canopies that droop down between their legs, but the kibble is not as prominent as on Aero Alpha. Unlike Aero Alpha, I don’t think Stray’s longsword can sheathe in his back.

Both figures share the same articulation as Aero Alpha so this paragraph may sound familiar. Their heads are on ball joints that provide decent amounts of articulation. Their shoulders are on hinged ball joints. This affords them some butterflying action. Despite their giant shoulder pads, they can raise their arms out and upwards to near 90 degrees. They swivel at the biceps, wrists, waists, and thighs. They have double-jointed elbows that let them perform near full curls. Their thumbs are fixed while the rest of their fingers are single-pinned. Their pointing fingers articulate separately from the rest. Their hips are on universal joints. They can perform full front and side splits. Be mindful of their holstered swords as well as their hip holsters. Their knees are double-jointed and can also perform near full curls. Their ankles are on ball joints as well as their toes. Their sword holsters are on hinged ball joints.

Ater Beta comes with a rifle and a pair of short swords. Stray comes with one large sword and two short swords. Except for the paint jobs, the swords are the same as those that came with Aero Alpha. They are all chromed plastic with some line work on the handles. I wish the longsword had the peg on the other side, unless they are meant to be left-handed. The rifle and short swords can all attach in vehicle modes. I wish Stray also had a rifle (no clue if he’s exclusively a swordsman in the comics), but I have a box of these things so it’s not that big of a deal. The swords and rifle sit well in their hands.

Both will stand next to Aero Alpha on my Reformatted shelf. After the slight disappointment of the Malum Malitia figures, I’m glad these two are a return to form. Being remolds of Aero Alpha definitely helped so I will need to wait on their next figure to pass judgement. If you didn’t like Aero Alpha, there isn’t really anything new here to change your mind. You will be getting more of the same IDW goodness. I liked Aero Alpha, so I like these figures. Of course, I eagerly await more.

FansToys FT-24 Rouge Photo Gallery

FansToys FT-24 Rouge Photo Gallery

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

GigaPower HQ-04 Graviter (Metallic), is now in-stock!

GigaPower HQ-04 Graviter (Metallic)

We just received our stock for GigaPower HQ-04 Graviter (Metallic Ver). Pre-orders are currently being processed. Get yours by following the links. Shop Smart with The Chosen Prime!