Saturday, July 30, 2016

X-Transbots Boost - Windcharger

I'm on the fence about X-Transbots figures. Apollyon, Andras, and Arkose all look great, but each have transformation issues I simply had to deal with, or skip entirely in the case of Apollyon. I really want to complete that line of Autobot minibots so I hoped that once transformed, Boost would look awesome enough for my Masterpiece shelf.

Vehicle mode looks great. I suppose he scales well next to Bumblebee. His windshields are heavily tinted. The gold paint applications are a little splotchy. He features flip-up headlights and rolls well on plastic tires.

As is typical of X-Transbots, there are a few transformation steps of questionable design. Getting the door panels open, forming the hands, and folding the bonnet back from the head all involved flexing plastic, sometimes with audible crackling. One hand popped off, but it was easy to reattach by its mushroom peg. I hated the feet transformation in particular. It was a pain to rotate and hinge pieces past each other. His chest piece is supposed to tab into slots on his wheels, but it's something you have to do without being able to see the slots.

Not surprisingly, Boost looks really good and definitely hits all the cues of the cartoon character. There are a couple of panels along the waist that are finicky and create gaps, but they're not too bad. The back cleans up pretty well. I wish the screws on his wrists were on the other side of his arms. Maybe I should have gone with the previous version, with the white face and legs, but I wasn't sure about the blue body, and silver metallic paint is marginally easier for me to photograph.

His head is on a swivel and hinge. He has ball-jointed shoulders. The chest piece is prone to separating from the tires and neck when manipulating his arms. His thumbs are fixed. The rest of his fingers are single pinned. His elbows and knees are single jointed. He swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, and thighs. His waist swivel is extremely loose. His hips are on universals. His legs were really floppy until I tightened both screws on the back of his hips. He has toe tilts and rockers.

His accessories include a pistol, his magnet weapon, a face plate, and an extra back piece for his head. His pistol is blue plastic with some line work, but no paint. It uses a Masterpiece-style tab that works surprisingly well. It can store in the undercarriage in vehicle mode, but is always falling out. The magnet weapon covers his fist and is held by a post. It has silver and yellow paint. I think the alternate face plate is for Hatch.

I'll be displaying Boost on my Masterpiece shelf. He looks good with Bumblebee, Arkose, Brawn, and Outback. I wished the transformation was a lot less finicky, but it wouldn't be X-Transbots otherwise. We're so close to a complete G1 season 1 and 2 line-up.

TCP Family Mini Meetup in South Carolina

TCP Family Mini Meetup in South Carolina

Check out the TCP Family Mini Meetup in South Carolina! We hope we can do more of these. Thank you for your continued patronage of The Chosen Prime!

Ocular Max PS-06 Terraegis is now up for pre-order!

Ocular Max PS-06 Terraegis

Pre-order for Ocular Max PS-06 Terraegis is now up! Reserve yours by following the links. Shop Smart with The Chosen Prime!

Generation Toy GT-4 J4ZZ Photo Gallery

Generation Toy GT-4 J4ZZ Photo Gallery

Here's our Photo Gallery for Generation Toy GT-4 J4ZZ. Enjoy the rest of the photos by clicking the image above. If you haven't reserved yours, please follow the links below. Shop Smart with The Chosen Prime!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Generation Toy GT-1G Tyrant, now up for pre-order.

Generation Toy GT-1G Tyrant

We now have the Generation Toy GT-1G Tyrant up for pre-order. All customers that ordered the Gravity Builder set will get this figure at no charge from us. Just follow the links to reserve yours. Shop Smart with The Chosen Prime!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ocular Max Backdraft - Inferno

With Ocular Max Sphinx and Jaguar setting a pretty high bar, I was extremely excited for Backdraft. Overall, I love the figure, but like Sphinx's wonky neck and shoulder mount, there are a couple of minor issues that keep Backdraft from being perfect.

This is a very nice looking fire engine. There is plenty of chrome detail throughout the length of the vehicle, but I do wish the headlights had been painted or made of colored plastic instead of simply being black. Like Maketoys Hellfire, there are fake plastic hoses on either side. The windshields are tinted a very dark black so the inside of the cab is not visible. The sideview mirrors are on hinges. There is a chrome rod on one side that rotates. The ladder is on a swivel for a full 360 degree rotation and raises past vertical. It extends through three sections for a total length of about 10.5 inches. An especially nice touch is how the head wings turn into exhaust pipes. He rolls very well on rubber tires.

Transformation is pretty simple. I like how the ladder folds out of the way so the panels behind his head can come together to form the helmet. The crotch plate has a tab, but I never got a satisfying click out of it. It just sort of sits loosely in place. To fold out the arms, you have to open two panels that correspond to the doors of the cab. The front doors were a little tricky to pry open. I accidentally popped off a sideview mirror in the process, but it easily clicked back into place. Going back to vehicle mode is only slightly finicky in having to line up several tabs along the arms and legs.

The horns on his head sculpt could have used some orange and silver paint. There is definitely die-cast in his feet. Both arms have slider tabs, probably in reference to old toys where hands slid in and out of forearms, but they are merely decorative. You have the option of displaying him with two hand cannons, two fists, or one of each. Although I hate photographing chrome (and shiny metal and white), the chrome details give this figure a high end finish. There is quite a bit of imperfection to the plastic on the inner left forearm of my figure. The paint application is dull and a little messy in several spots.

His head is on a balljoint. His shoulders are on hinges with ratcheted swivels. He also swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, and thighs. His bicep and thigh swivels are ratcheted. His thumbs are on balljoints. His fingers are single pinned, but they articulate individually. The pointing finger has a pinned joint at the second knuckle. He has double jointed elbows and knees. Neither have ratchets. He also has a forward and reverse ab crunch. His hips are on universals, with ratchets along the frontal axis. He has feet tilts and rockers.

His accessories include a rifle and an extra head. The rifle is black plastic, with some line work and 6 dabs of red paint. It uses a Masterpiece-style tab. *sigh* I simply have no luck with this tabbing system. My rifle is constantly popping out of his hand. It stores internally in vehicle mode as part of the transformation process. The extra head is of a smiling face. The horns have orange paint applications. The overall shape of the head is more round. It actually is a very close match to how he looks at the end of the episode, Auto Beserk, when he's holding Red Alert. He also comes with some Portland Fire Department sticker decals. There is a red transparent sheet for viewing his tech specs on the back of the box.

In vehicle mode, I definitely prefer Backdraft over Hellfire. The back of the truck is less obviously robot arms and legs. The diamond-plated details also help to sell the illusion. I also like both his head sculpts more than the one on Hellfire and how his windshields are heavily tinted. Backdraft is slightly taller, but I don't like his proportions as much. His torso and crotch seem to be a little bit too long. Overall, I prefer Backdraft's aesthetics over Hellfire's. He looks less overweight. Both figures are pretty high quality so I have no buyer's remorse.

I don't intend on using Backdraft on my Masterpiece shelf. If the upcoming Takara figure is as disappointing as Shockwave was compared to FansToys and Cloud 9, then I'll probably reconsider. For now, he will probably go on the same shelf as my DX9, Toyworld, and Unique Toys figures.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dx9Toys D09 Mightron is now up for pre-order!

Dx9Toys D09 Mightron

Dx9Toys' latest foray into the MP Scaled figures, comes D09 Mightron. ETA of late August 2016 release. Follow the links to reserve yours. Thank you for shopping with The Chosen Prime!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Takara MP-10R Convoy (BAPE Red Camo Ver)

Takara MP-10R Convoy (BAPE Red Camo Ver)

We have a very, very, very limited number of stock of Takara MP-10R Convoy (BAPE Red Camo Ver). Follow the links and order yours today! Thank you for you shopping with The Chosen Prime!

Corbot V CS-002 Final Armageddon Mugger, now up for pre-order!

Corbot V CS-002 Final Armageddon Mugger

First full figure from Corbot V, comes CS-002 Final Armageddon Mugger. Get yours by following the links. Thanks for choosing The Chosen Prime!

Ocular Max PS-05 Girder is now up for pre-order!

Ocular Max PS-05 Girder

We now have Ocular Max PS-05 Girder up for pre-order. Click on the links to reserve yours. Coming out in September of 2016. Shop Smart with The Chosen Prime!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Newsletter for week of July 25th, 2016

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Hasbro Combiner Wars Computron Set

Titans Return Deluxe Wave 1

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SDCC 2016 Xiaomi Mi Pad Soundwave

SDCC 2016 Titan Force

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Marvel Legends Series - The Collector's Vault

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Titans Return Fortress Maximus

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Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-71 Beast King GoLion / Voltron

GCreation SKR-04B Blade

Iron Factory IF-EX16 Pink Assassin

FansToys FT-10 Phoenix

KFCToys E.A.V.I. Phase 11A Stratotanker

Unique Toys YM-01 Tom & Jerry

Takara MP-11SW Skywarp re-release

DNA Design DK-01 Upgrade Kit for Devastator

Takara Diaclone Reboot Dia-Nauts Set

Takara LG-35 Super Ginrai

Fewture UltiMetal UM-03 Ultra Magnus

Maketoys MTCD-01 Striker Manus

Maketoys MCB-03 Pandinus

Generation Toy GT1A Ghost Captain

Planet X PX-06B Hephaestus

Ocular Max PS-02 Liger

Dx9Toys DX-08 Gewalt

Hasbro Combiner Wars G2 Bruticus

Fanstoys FT-15 Willis

Platinum Edition Grimlock and Bumblebee

Maketoys MTCM-04C Vulcan

Ocular Max PS-03 Backdraft

Fansproject Function X10 Browning

Spark Toys ST-01 Alpha Pack

Fansproject Lost Exo-Realm Saurus Ryu-Oh Brontobot

Maketoys MCB-02 Utopia

TFCToys H-05 Hypnos