Saturday, July 23, 2016

TCP Quality Control Program

Hello Chosen Prime Customers and Family,

In an effort to improve our Quality Control Program we have created an easy to fill out form for everyone to submit in the event that your item comes with a Quality Control Concern.

This will not only help expedite the process, but it will also centralize all quality control needs, which will assist us in not only organizing these requests, but also fulfilling them.

I know many of you have relied on PM's to myself or the TCP Facebook page to request them in the past, but we simply have to be better as a company in fulfilling these needs and in order to do so, we need to consolidate the requests to one place for your benefit and ours.

From now on we would like to request that all quality control requests be sent using this form. (Click the image below and download the form)

Along with all necessary photos to accompany the form.

You can now email this form and the photos to

At that time you will receive a confirmation email from us that lets you know the request has reached us and we will begin working on the request at once.

The remainder of the process will remain in tact as we will either provide parts from current stock or request the parts from the manufacturer as needed. Once the part(s) is available, it will be placed in your stash and will accompany your next shipment. In the event you need the part immediately, arrangements can be made for this as well.

If you have additional questions or concerns you can see our Terms of Service at the link here.

We appreciate your support and cooperation with this matter and look forward to providing a better service in this department with the implementation of this program.

Thank You,
Brandon Weik & The Chosen Prime Team

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