Sunday, July 3, 2016

FansProject Browning II - Highbrow

Although I'm not entirely sure what collection to put the FansProject Headmasters with, I still collect them because they are a pretty fun and great looking set.

Vehicle mode is not one of my favorites. It's not exactly the sexiest of aircrafts. Although there is line work, the general shape is not too compelling and there are gaps in the body. The propellers work, but occasionally bump into each other. The canopy is red transparent plastic. It can open, allowing Gort to sit comfortably inside the cockpit. Unfortunately, the hinge is made of transparent plastic. There is no detail inside the cockpit.

Transformation is similar to Quadruple-U, in regards to the legs. The process is not complicated at all. There are plenty of tabs and ports to help align all the various bits.

Silver metallic paint covers his face. A transparent blue visor covers his blue painted eyes. Some painted highlights break up the grays and blues. The line work is decent. For those that are bothered, his legs and feet are asymmetrical. The canopy tucks up neatly in his back. I initially thought his arms were a bit kibbly, but they are pretty accurate to the animation model.

His head is on a swivel and hinge. He can look down, but not up, at least without his head falling out. His shoulders hinge on ratcheted swivels. He swivels at the elbows, wrists, waist, and thighs. He has single jointed elbows and knees, with ratchets in the knees. His hips are on ratcheted universals. His left foot is on a ball joint, but his right foot is peculiar because of the transformation mechanic. The lower leg and foot splits in half. Each half of the foot is on a separate swivel and hinge. He can be a bit lopsided unless you extend the right ankle joint just a little.

His only accessories are a pair of rifles. There is some line work, but no paint. The handles are on hinges and sit well in his hands. They store in vehicle mode.

Gort is pretty standard engineering for a Nebulon. Articulation is limited to swiveling arms, thighs, and knees. The large face on his back is fully covered because of the transformation mechanic. He's mostly colored plastic with some line work. The visor is hinged on transparent plastic.

Unfortunately, Gort does not fit in any of the other FansProject Headmasters. His head is simply too big. The port on Browning II is also too large to receive any other FansProject Nebulon. It's even a little too big for his own Gort.

I've been placing the FansProject Headmasters next to my Combiner Wars figures. They're a little taller than standard Deluxe figures, but not quite as tall as Voyagers. The aesthetics are not too far apart. I do wish these guys were a little taller, like Sigma L. I'm hoping that Ape Face, Snap Dragon, and Hardhead will be in the works.

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