Saturday, May 14, 2016

FansProject Severo - Grimlock

Severo has a horizontal stance, in accordance with the modern interpretation of a tyrannosaurus rex. You can put him in an upright posture, but he's always looking up toward the sky. I don't have any problems balancing him on his large dinosaur feet. The gold chrome in his neck and back is accompanied by red transparent plastic in his hips and flanks. The grey in his head and neck is a lighter shade than the rest of his body. His eyes are red transparent plastic, but there is no light piping.

His jaw opens to reveal a cannon. The same cannon keeps his mouth from closing completely. He has a hinge at the base of his head so he can look straight ahead or upward about 45 degrees. His neck has a swivel and waggle near the base. His dinosaur arms are connected to the body by ball joints, with single jointed elbows and wrist swivels. His claws are on hinges. I think my copy came with two right arms because the hollow portion of the upper arms and the opening for the mushroom pegs on the wrists face the same direction. His dinosaur hips will become his robot shoulders and are on ball joints. You get swivels at the upper hips and joints at the knees, ankles, and toes. His tail can waggle up and down and side to side at the base. It has another side waggle joint near the tip.

Transformation is pretty simple in both directions. Nothing needed to be forced. The most involved part is transforming the robot legs and feet into the rear end of the dinosaur.

Severo is a pretty cool looking figure. His chest is gold chrome, covered with red transparent plastic. His head sculpt has a menacing look, but it could have used a little paint. He has red light piping, but it doesn't really catch any light. The line work is plentiful and continues the aesthetic of the group.

I only have a couple of  issues with the figure. Severo's shoulder panels don't lock into place in robot mode and will rotate with his shoulders. In dinosaur mode, the same panels are part of his hips and stay somewhat in place because they rest in grooves formed from the rear section.

His head and shoulders are on balljoints. He has double jointed elbows, but single jointed knees. Both are ratcheted. He swivels at the biceps and wrists. His thumbs are fixed and his fingers are single pinned. He has a ratcheted waist and thigh swivels. He also has an ab crunch. His hips are ratcheted universal joints. His feet are on balljoints, attached to a ratcheted hinge.

His accessories include his blaster, a sword, two miniguns, a crown, two mini warriors, and a throne. His blaster is his G1 style blaster, with red transparent tips. The handle has a slot that is supposed to go with the grooves in his hands, but it doesn't really stay slotted very securely. He won't just drop the gun though. In keeping with the existing style of the group, his sword is made of red transparent plastic. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit well in his hands because the dinosaur claws and spikes get in the way of the crossguard unless you swivel his wrist a little. The two minguns are highlighted with red transparent plastic. He can hold both in his hands or store them on his wings. Like the regular gun, the slots on the handles don't really stay in the grooves in his hands. The miniguns can also store in dinosaur mode, but they just rest in their ports without pegging securely. His crown is gold chrome and very pointy. It fits very well.

The two mini warriors, Kottave and Pottao are twins, detailed with red and gold paint. They combine into a large warhammer. You can use just one warrior as a less impressive weapon. Unfortunately, there is only one handle so no double warhammer action. Their heads are on swivels. There shoulders are on double hinges. There are ball joints at the elbows, hips, knees, and feet. For such small figures, they are surprisingly articulated.

I will be displaying Severo on my Transformers Prime shelf. I like how the not G1 aesthetic goes with the cartoon I did not grow up with. It's an odd looking group, but it works wonderfully for me. I can't wait for Snarl to finish off the set. I'm also excited for the raptor and will happily collect any other Dinobots FansProject wants to create.

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