Monday, June 13, 2016

Newsletter for the week of June 13th, 2016

Don't know about The Chosen Prime?  Check out our About Us Page and get to know who we are and where The Chosen Prime originated from. Need to know a release date or trying to budget your Transformers purchases?  Check out the Latest Release Dates and Estimated Arrival Dates on our Events Calendar

Specials / Hot Items

Maketoys MCB-03 Pandinus

TransFormMission M01 Disorder

Takara MP-32 Beast Convoy

Machine Robo MR-03 Eagle Robo

Planet X PX-06 Vulcun

Takara Unite Warriors UW-08 Computron

Toynami Ultimate Voltron EX

Takara Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus

Planet X PX-05 Quirinus

Combiner Wars Victorion

XTransbots MM-VIII Arkose

DX9Toys D08 Gewalt

Titans Return Wave 1 Deluxe Figures

Titans Return Wave 1 Legends Figures

Titans Return Wave 1 Voyager Figures

Titans Return Wave 1 Titan Masters

Titans Return Wave 2 Titan Masters

BadCube OTS-08 Sunsurge

GigaPower HQ-02R Grassor (Chrome)

Perfect Fusion PF-01 Cesium

Takara UW-EX Lynx Master

Mastermind Creations R-15 Jaegertron

Takara MP-25L LoudPedal

Generation Toy GT-4 J4ZZ

Iron Factory IF-EX15 Soul Reaper

Takara MP-31 Delta Magnus

Mastermind Creations R-17 Carnifex

Iron Factory IF-EX04G City Commander (Diaclone Colors)

KFCToys E.A.V.I. Metal Phase 6 Crash Hog and Dumpyard

Planet X PX-07 Triton

ToyWorld TW-C03 Burden

Takara LG-EX BW Rhinox

Takara Dia-Battles V2

UniqueToys Y-03 Sworder

GCreation SKR-01 Thunderous

ToyWorld TW-C04 Allocator

Takara LG-20 Skids

Takara LG-EX BW Rattrap

Machine Robo MR-02 Rod Drill

Takara Dia-Battles V2 Moon Base Version

Planet X PX-04 Summanus

Unique Toys Y-02 Buzzing

Machine Robo MR-04 Battle Robo

Takara LG-EX BW Waspinator

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