Thursday, August 4, 2016

Transform Mssion Disorder - Wildrider

Not unlike Generation Toy, Transform Mission Disorder arrives in a very solid box with great artwork and a protective foam insert. I missed out on the FansProject Stunticons and am disappointed with the Combiner Wars Stunticons so I'm excited to possibly have a great version of Menasor to go in my collection.

Vehicle mode looks really good. The line work depicts vents in the hood, racing lines along the sides, and a gas cap on one side. I would be pretty happy driving around in a car that looks like this. His windshields and headlights are made of red transparent plastic. The side view mirrors are soft rubber, but the rear side spoilers are hard plastic. Although the hubcaps are silver painted, there does not appear to be any paint on the body of the car. The rear lights could have used that extra detail. He rolls very well on hard rubber tires.

Transformation is pretty straightforward. The most complicated part is the feet, but even that is fairly easy. I like how the chest expands. I don't like the use of transparent plastic hinges for every single windshield. I also wished that the backpack locked into place.

I love his head sculpt. The line work for the panel under his shin windshields is a nice touch. The lower legs very much remind me of those on Masterpiece Tracks. I wish the arm kibble had formed around his arms to give them a more boxy look like in the cartoons.

The vertical motion of his head is severely limited so I can't tell if it's on a balljoint or a swivel and hinge. His shoulders are on hinges and swivels. He has fixed thumbs and single-pinned fingers that articulate as one unit. His elbows are technically double jointed, but the top part is reversed for transformation. He swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, and thighs. His hips are universal joints. He has single jointed knees. His feet are on tilts and rockers.

His only accessory is his rifle. It is purple plastic with some line work. It hinges at the barrel to facilitate storing in vehicle mode. The Masterpiece style tab works surprisingly well.

I'll ultimately display the set as Menasor alongside all the other combiners on my CHUG shelf. If he's really tall, I'll put him next to Toyworld Devastator. In vehicle and robot modes, he definitely wouldn't look too out of place in a Masterpiece collection. If you're looking for slavish accuracy to the G1 cartoon, this figure isn't it. This is a great start to a new set from a new/renamed/offshoot company. I'm looking forward to completing the collection.

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