Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Toyworld Bulldozer - Bonecrusher

I originally thought that Toyworld Constructor would be my definitive Masterpiece Devastator. Thanks to FansToys I may have to rethink that stance. Toyworld Bulldozer is a solid entry to the line, but it does suffer a small flaw in design.

I think Generation Toy Bulldozer looks better as a bulldozer, but this one looks closer to the cartoon model. His blade seems a bit small, but I have no experience with construction vehicles. It articulates vertically on two hinges. Like Shovel, there's no real cockpit for a driver to sit. The treads are plastic and functional, but they don't work that well. One side is really tight and doesn't move easily. The other side is loose, but still gets stuck occasionally. Like the other figures, there is silver and yellow paint applications to break up all that green.

Transformation back and forth is pretty easy to figure out, even without instructions. I find it pretty neat how his blade becomes his chest. Although it kind of hooks into place, it is easy to knock loose. 

Bulldozer looks like someone who does a lot of upper body workouts at the gym. I like his head sculpt. His little smirk works better than the one on Concrete. He has red light-piping that works pretty well. I find extending his arms all the way gives him monkey-man arms. Although I don't mind the way the treads look on his legs, I wish there were some paint applications to break up all that green. There are a couple of shoulder panels that you have to close yourself if you raise his arms to the sides.

His head is on a swivel and hinge. The platform his neck rests on can also tilt forward so he can look down even further, to the point of stabbing himself in the eye on a spike of his chest. His shoulders are on swivels and hinges. They do butterfly forward ever so slightly, but his chest gets in the way. He swivels at the biceps, wrists, and waist. His thigh swivels don't work because of the treads. His fingers are on individual ball joints, but there are no articulating knuckles so they are all fixed in a curve. He has double-jointed elbows that get well past ninety degrees. His single-jointed knees are ratcheted and get to a right angle despite the treads. His hips are on ball joints. His shins can compress on springs, to what purpose, I don't know. His toes and heels tilt as a unit, but rock individually. The tilt is sort of limited by the heal. Posing is more difficult than other similar figures. It comes down to the lack of mid-thigh swivel because the treads are constraining.

His accessories include his rifle, a combiner forearm and fist, some extra links for the treads, and some screw hole covers. His rifle is black with red paint applications. It uses a reverse Masterpiece-style tab.The port is on the gun handle and the tabs are on his palms. It works pretty well. I couldn't find a spot to store it in vehicle mode. The forearm piece is mostly black plastic with some silver paint and purple pieces. In place of the purple hand, you can plug in the black drill. Trying to remember the episode where this happened; drawing a blank. The hand design is different than most other combiner hands. The thumb is on a swivel and hinge with two knuckles. The other fingers are not pinned, but seemed to be on a post of some sort. They have the expected three articulating knuckles, but there are also hinges near the first knuckles so the fingers can spread apart. The knuckles stay together pretty well, but the finger pieces can come apart. You can attach the forearm piece, with either the drill or fist, in vehicle mode, taking you most of the way to arm mode. This is going to be a big figure. The extra links may come in handy to loosen that tight tread. Individual links attach by clips to posts and are easy to add or remove. The screw hole covers are appreciated, but in robot mode most of the screw holes appear to be on his back. The screw holes in his forearms seem to be too shallow to work with the covers.

I will use Bulldozer and his fellows in my Masterpiece Display. They aren't exactly G1 toon accurate, but they are good enough for now. Despite his limited posability beause of the treads, Bulldozer can still get into some fun poses. FansToys has teased a silhouette of their Devastator. If that set were to be released, I will end up using the Toyworld set on my DX9 / Unique Toys / Toyworld display.

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