Sunday, January 22, 2017

Transform Mission Carnage - Breakdown

Transform Mission Carnage - Breakdown

The second entry in Transform Mission's Stunticons has a stunning looking vehicle mode and an IDW-inspired robot mode. I enjoyed their Disorder figure. Carnage scratches that same itch.

He looks absolutely fantastic in vehicle mode. Panel lines are kept to a bare minimum. Is he an accurate Lamborghini? I wouldn't know since I'm not really a car enthusiast. There's a spot for a Lamborghini logo, but he does not come with one. The blue and red paint applications are a bit sloppy and the metallic perl is dinged in a few places. He rolls fine on what I think are plastic tires, but his undercarriage comes real close to scraping the ground. The sideview mirrors and rear spoiler do pop off. A little superglue will lock them into place. His rifle stores underneath.

Transformation is pretty simple. The leg bits are a little more involved than the upper body, but nothing complicated. Like Disorder, I wished the backpack would lock into place. The windshields on his arms have transparent plastic hinges. I'm not a fan on how the feet are formed. They don't really lock into place and don't provide much articulation. The doors are handled a fair bit better on Carnage than on Disorder. Going back to car mode required a little finagling to get panels into place, but it wasn't too bad.

He has a great head sculpt with an amusing smirk on his face. The newly exposed metallic paint applications are much more cleanly applied than those in vehicle mode. The line work is done well. I love the way his upper body looks, but not so much his lower legs. His knees stick out way too far because of the tires and knee pads. His feet remind me of hooves.

His head is on a balljoint. He can look up quite far, but not down at all. His shoulders are on balljoints. The rods connecting the balljoints to the internal parts of the shoulders look kind of thin so I do worry about breakage, especially since the balljoints are especially tight on my copy. They do have some butterfly action. If you work with the sculpt, you can get his arms raised outward to 90 degrees. His thumbs are fixed and his fingers are singled-pinned and articulate as one unit. He swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, and thighs. His elbows are double-jointed, but the upper joints hinge mostly in the reverse direction. He's like that friend that grosses people out with his weird backward elbow bend. They can get to a little more than 90 degrees, in both directions. His knees are sort of double jointed, but the lower joints aren't really that usable. They only get about halfway to 90 degrees. His hips are on universals. His feet don't really have any usable articulation. Tilting them too much forward will break the leg sculpt. Supergluing those loose mirrors and spoilers are pretty much a requirement if you are going to be manipulating him much. It's difficult to stand him upright without bending somewhere in his hips or knees because of the way his knees are designed. 

His accessories include a purple rifle, and bits and bobs of an assembly-required mini Optimus Prime. The rifle is in the same styling as the one that came with Disorder - purple plastic with some line work. The barrel and handle hinge for storage. He holds it just fine via a slotted tab. There is not enough pieces to assemble the mini Optimus Prime. Presumably the next few figures in the set will have the rest of his parts.

I'll most likely be displaying him on my IDW shelf alongside Generation Toy (are they the same company?) and GCreation figures. I love Combiners, but they usually don't live up to their worth in terms of stability and posability. Of course, this one remains to be seen. I'll most likely assemble Menasor for some pictures and then display this set as individual bots. Since GCreation has an Optimus Prime, I'm hoping they will make a suitable Megatron to lead these guys.

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