Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wei Jiang Alcee - Arcee

This was definitely an impulse purchase born out of curiosity. As a Voyager-scaled stand-in on a CHUG display, Wei Jiang Alcee is more than adequate.

She definitely does not hold together as well in vehicle mode when compared to Generations Arcee. I think some tabs are missing when compared to her official counterpart. The console and steering wheel has some detail though. Her plastic tires don't spin very well and parts of her undercarriage touch the ground. There is storage for her weapons.

Yes, there is some parts-forming with the top portion of her car, but it's entirely optional. My biggest complaint with Generations Arcee was that her backpack makes her look like she's carrying a car around. With Alcee, it can be removed. Transforming between both modes is pretty easy and straightforward.

Alcee is basically an upscaled version of Generations Arcee. There is plenty of paint applications to break up all that pink and white. It looks pretty clean too. She has nice light-piping that works very well. I wished they had included her eye visor gimmick, but the official version didn't have that either. The pink of her face is more peach than pink and she could have used some line work in her face. My copy has some paint splotches on her thighs and flashing on her shoulder pylons.

Her head is on a ball joint. She can look up but not down. Her shoulders are also on ball joints. She can only raise her arms up and outward to about 45 degrees. She only has swivels at her biceps and lower thighs. Her hands are fixed in an open grasp. She has single-jointed elbows and knees, with ratchets in the elbows. Both joints can curl a little past 90 degrees. I'm not sure how to describe her hip joints. They are almost like universals with ratchets along the frontal axis, but you have to engage a separate hinge at her thighs to get her to do a side splits because her thigh sculpt gets in the way. Van Damme would not approve of her range of motion. Although she is capable of doing a full front splits, her abdomen gets untabbed. She has ankle tilts but no rockers.

Her accessories include her rifles and her swords. She has one pink rifle with gunmetal highlights and one smaller black rifle with silver highlights. The pair of transparent swords are identical. Gunmetal paint combined with the line work on the blade make for a visually interesting design. All her weapons use rectangular handles that fit very securely in her hands. They can also peg onto her thighs, but the guns make more sense visually.

I'm not quite sure she is suited for a Masterpiece shelf, but I think she'll look okay standing next to Masterpiece Hot Rod. I'll probably put her on my CHUG shelf next to Generations Springer, especially since there are options coming from Fans Toys and Toyworld.

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