Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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Our apologies, but we had some car trouble today and we weren't able to get all of the packages out.  The remaining packages will be sent out on Friday. Way to end 2014...

We'll bounce back!

Thank you for your patience.

2014 Year's End Message...

The Chosen Prime would like to take this time, as 2014 comes to a close, to say thank you to all those who have helped and supported us throughout our first full year in business.  From those who have made The Chosen Prime their home for all of their Transformer related purchases, and to those who have just recently made their first purchase with us, thank you all for making 2014, exceed our expectations. 

I feel I owe an extra special thank you to all those who have gone out of their way to show support for us in forums, Facebook groups, and in conversations around the world. We owe you a gratitude, because if it were not for your voices, The Chosen Prime would not be what it is today. So, I sincerely thank you for all the thankless work you have put in over these first 14 months.  We appreciate that you have made TCP your place to call home and have spoken so highly of us to your peers, that they too, have come to us for their Transformer related purchases.  We are greatly indebted to each and every one of you, and hope that we can continue to exceed your expectations in 2015. Last, but not least, thank you to my close group of friends, that have helped out throughout the year.  You guys are the backbone of TCP, and words cannot express my gratitude for your assistance throughout the year. I only hope that I can repay you some day, in a way that is as meaningful as your assistance has been to me.

As we look to 2015, TCP will continue to strive to be the best buying experience you have ever had, and remain true to our word, that the personal touch and interactions will remain intact, as we take the next step to becoming your one stop shop for all things Transformers…. And maybe more!

Be safe in 2015 and keep letting others know, there is a place they can be known and respected.

Brandon Weik
The Chosen Prime

Perfect Effect Combiner Wars Upgrade set prototype...

As Combiner Wars is heating up for 2015, here's an upgrade set offering from Perfect Effect. We are working on getting this available for our customers. It includes new weapons, as well as new combiner hands and feet. While we wait, we do have the Combiner Wars figures available for pre-order. Click on the image above or use the order form below to get your sets ready. We look forward to this.

Perfect Effect PE-DX03EW, coming in stock soon...

We have the Perfect Effect PE-DX03EW Super Robot Expansion Weapon set to us this coming week (Monday at the earliest). Make sure that you've reserved your slot and take advantage of the Prime Directives! Click on the image above or use the order form below.

Planet X PX-05 Quirinus (FOC Slag/Slug) prototype

Oh my! This is an awesome representation of Fall of Cybertron Slug (G1 Slag). We are looking forward to offering this figure to our customers. Just make sure that you keep tabs on our blog and social media channels for any future updates.

While waiting for updates on PX-05 Quirinus, check out the other Planet X Products that we have on our store. Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

GigaPower GigaSaur HQ-03 Guttur, now up for pre-order!

We have GigaPower Gigasaur HQ-03 Guttur up for pre-order. The first in line of GP's Dino based, MP-scaled figures. Towers over MP Wheeljack, to be show accurate. Coming out in February 2015. Make sure to get reserve your pre-order slot. We have a "no upfront pre-order" option, and when it comes in stock, it'll ship for free for the Continental US. So, get on it now! Click on the image above or use the order form below.

KFCToys E.A.V.I. Metal Phase 4 Transistor with Hifi now in-stock!

KFCToys E.A.V.I. Metal Phase 4 Transistor with Hifi just arrived today. We'll start shipping out orders tomorrow. We'll be posting some picture review soon!

BadCube OTS-02 Brawny and OTS-03 Backland back in-stock!

We've just got the restock for BadCube OTS-02 Brawny and OTS-03 Backland today! Click on the image above or use the order form below. You know you want the set! Get them now while supplies last.

Prime Spotlight: DX9Toys D03i Invisible

We here at The Chosen Prime strive to give you great services as well as giving you some updates and reviews on products that we ourselves collect. With this in mind, we are planning on giving you Prime Spotlights. This series will be our way of showing off some products that we carry. We look forward to having at least one Prime Spotlight out every week. So, hang on tight and enjoy the ride!

Prime Spotlight presents: 

DX9Toys D03i Invisible


Bottom Line (*** stars- <out of a possible 5>)

by Stygian360

This reviewer considers frame of mind before looking at a figure crucial as it can sometimes color all that will come after.  Was the figure a treasured part of my childhood?  Does the character trigger something in the prepubescent mind which links them to happy or negative thoughts?  For me Mirage (the character Invisible is based on) was always a huge favorite.  On the G1 cartoon his character was unassuming, but his ability to make himself invisible (must be where UT got the name- ya think?) and also single-handedly bring down the Decepticons – all while rocking one of the best alt modes ever—showcased how incredibly cool he is.  Also, unlike some of his compatriot figures from that era, he actually pretty closely resembled his on-screen counterpart.  And again… that alt mode!!  Needless to say Invisible had a lot to live up to as I began this review.  Does he deliver?  Let’s find out.

For those who value articulation you will not be disappointed one bit.  He has swivels in all of the right places- shoulders, hips, wrists, biceps, etc.  It’s key to note that due to the positioning of the head- with the alt mode cockpit positioned directly behind it- it may be difficult to turn left and right (unfortunately no “look up in the sky, it’s a plane” positioning is possible with the head).  It’s not impossible to do but does require getting your fingers in just the right spot to turn it back and forth.  On a positive note the neck joint is nice and tight.  The head on mine came shoved back into the cockpit, which required I push a pen cap up through the back of the figure to get it into proper position, but once there it wasn’t too difficult to position correctly with deft finger positioning.  Overall I’d say the head was really the only joint that seemed quirky and perhaps could have used a better design.  Otherwise all of the other joints are solid and feel appropriately but not overly tight.

Mine came with several minor paint scuffs on the chest piece which forms the front of the alt/bot mode, but otherwise the paint effort overall on this figure is a solid one.  Early Unique Toys (DX9 is a subsidiary) products had rampant overspray and color mismatching issues, but fortunately much of that seems way behind them, and especially so with Invisible.  In fact it’s very professional looking.  In summary Invisibles paint quality (again, considering minor variations in quality will occur as these are hand-assembled products) is stellar.

The real bread and butter of any transforming toy is its transformation.  So, let’s begin with the out of the box instructions.  Thankfully they are clear, concise and detailed enough to provide a side-by-side that is accurate to what you can expect when actually handling the figure.  As many collectors of third party product are aware, the instructions can be either a hindrance or a help and fortunately these are both useful and helpful.  They are also fortunately kept to one large fold-out sheet; which is delightfully un-cumbersome and easy to reference.  I will say that the level of skill required to go from out of the box robot to alt mode isn’t going to blow any collectors mind, as many of the steps feel intuitive and flow easily, but for spots like getting the legs to fold up seamlessly into the alt mode cab it was nice having them handy.  The one aspect which was troubling was getting the spoiler and most aft section of the alt mode (its legs in bot mode) to ‘clip’ and stay together properly.  It may simply be my spoiler which doesn’t peg and stay together properly and I hope so as I would hate to see other collectors experience this.  Fortunately I wasn’t left with a floppy or even slightly floppy mess in this area once the transformation into alt mode was complete, but it not completely pegging and staying together is somewhat vexing.  It seems like the designers could have given that area in particular a bit more thought.  Not a deal breaker for me, but if it does prove problematic for others than it will be a disappointment for an otherwise stellar release.

Bottom Line:
Do I recommend Invisible or is it perhaps better to wait on something more ‘official’?  This sentiment in particular seems to be the current topic surrounding this character for some reason.  Being a collector who rarely considers it wrong to  “double dip”—simply to try out different products and see which equals the ideal version of that character—I would absolutely recommend Invisible.  Unique Toys has done absolutely everything right here.  The paint is stellar with only minor blemishes on my review copy, the articulation satisfying, the transformation not mind-blowing but certainly captivating, and its overall design, build and quality are excellent.  In fact I would be hard-pressed not to consider this something equal to an official product- perhaps even surpassing their products especially with the inclusion of chrome (on the front stabilizers and rear spoiler), rubber tires, and a keen design aesthetic which pays proper homage to the G1 character on which Invisible is based.  Overall this figure a perfect inclusion to any transforming action figures collectors shelf.

Check out the rest of the pictures. If you're interested in acquiring this figure, please click the main image on this blog post, or use the order form at the bottom.