Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Prime Spotlight: Perfect Effect Leonidas

Perfect Effect Leonidas 

by matty @stayinginthebox

The Gist

If you’re looking for a figure that will command attention on your shelf, a high end robot with articulation, diecast, and plenty of accessories, while not being overly concerned with a sub-par transformation, an average beast mode, and a zoid-esque aesthetic, this figure is for you.

Perfect Effect’s Leonidas has that “it factor” and you can feel it as soon as you pick it up. The robot mode is where this collectible shines with great points of articulation, diecast placement in all the right places including its swords, and a sculpt that can only be described as clean and sharp. However, you’ll need to forgive its transformation, which besides a difficult process of aligning its lion head is essentially dropping it on all fours. The lion beast mode itself is average, looking absolutely stellar from the front, but suffers from other angles. Even with its minor flaws, Leonidas will make more than one “figure of the year” lists.

The Details

Robot Mode:

Leonidas’ robot mode can be described nothing short of “high end.” The moment you first remove this figure from the packaging you can immediately feel the quality Perfect Effect put into it. Diecast is very well placed to give the figure the right amount of heft without being too heavy. Even the katanas are diecast, which was a welcome surprise. In addition to the katanas, other accessories include two Optimus Prime look-a-like blasters, articulated tail whip, two daggers that detach from the tail, and a display stand.

Articulation is very impressive. You’ll be able to produce some significant poses with the range of motion, which stems from several ball joints, pin/hinge joints, ankle tilts, and even individually articulated toes/claws, which helps a ton for the balancing poses. One thing to take note of is the tightness of the shoulder areas. They are tight out of package and take a bit to get use to, so take your time and move them slowly to understand how they best move, which is actually based around two different types of joints.

Perfect Effect definitely took liberties with the aesthetic of Leonidas. A common remark you will hear is this figure carries a “zoid” aesthetic, which is definitely true. Less apparent in the robot mode, there are still very sharp lines and hard edges to the mold, a departure from the original toy which maintained its organic curves. Your mileage is going to vary with the aesthetic, I think overall Perfect Effect could have rounded things off a bit more.

Beast Mode:

The lion alternate form of Leonidas is where this figure suffers. After going through a difficult process of aligning its head, which consists of the two shoulder pad areas from robot mode, there’s little involvement left to produce the beast mode. The instructions call for the smaller shoulder pad to peg into parts of the lion head, but I’ve found it easier to align the two rather than peg them in (it’s secure enough). Straight on, Leonidas has an absolutely stunning lion head sculpt, but from all other angles the “drop on all fours” syndrome is clearly apparent.

Articulation is limited in this mode as well, so don’t expect to get too many dynamic poses as if you were on the hunt. There is some wiggle room with the limbs, but you won’t get too far without exposing parts of the robot mode.

Beast mode does lend itself well to having a nicely armed alternate form, though. You’ll be able to get a decent pose arranging the array of weapons (two back blasters and attachable swords) while also having the option to move a fully poseable tail. The tail has several points of locking articulation, a bright spot in an average beast mode. Unfortunately beast mode is where the “zoid” aesthetic is most apparent, most likely being the biggest “your milage will vary” points of the entire figure.

Continue on for more shots of Perfect Effect’s Leonidas. Ordering information at The Chosen Prime can be found here.


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