Saturday, August 8, 2015

Toyworld TW-C Combiner - Devastator/Constructicons

Toyworld TW-C Combiner (Devastator)

We just got some leaked images of Toyworld's upcoming TW-C Combiner. It's based on the Constructicons/Devastator. We see the lineart for the combiner as well as the individual figures, and also how tall the combiner would be - 50cm or roughly 19.6 inches tall.

We don't have any pre-orders yet, but we'll be working on it. For now, just check out the pictures and also check out the other Toyworld products on our store by clicking the main image above or using the form at the bottom. Thank you for choosing The Chosen Prime!

Here are the individual figure:

  • TW-C01 Bulldozer (Bonecrusher)
  • TW-C02 Unearth (Scavenger)
  • TW-C03 Burden (Long Haul)
  • TW-C04 Allocator (Hook)
  • TW-C05 Shovel (Scrapper)
  • TW-C06 Concrete (Mixmaster)

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