Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Generation Toy J4ZZ - Jazz

Until now, I've only had Reveal the Shield Jazz and Fall of Cybertron Jazz in my collection. Neither would work as Masterpiece stand-ins because of styling and size. Generation Toy J4ZZ is quite close to Masterpiece, but I don't think that's the aesthetic they were aiming for.

This is a beautiful Porsche. The perl white paint is very glossy and shiny. The blue and red paint applications are very clean. The front lights are transparent plastic and the rear lights are painted red. The windows are not tinted at all. His sideview mirrors are made of soft rubber and don't seem to be in any danger of snapping off. The doors are functional. He rolls pretty well on rubber tires, but it seems like his undercarriage drags along the ground.

Transformation from car to robot was very simple. Everything untabs and moves easily. Unfortunately, transparent hinges can be found along the windows. Going back to car mode is surprisingly easy. There are not a multitude of tabs to line up.

The general shape of the head sculpt seems to be about right, especially for his IDW incarnation. He has blue light-piping that works very well. The transparent plastic on his lower shins are a nice highlight. He's no more kibbly than any of the official Masterpiece cars. His flanks are prone to collapsing because they don't tab in. Despite this attempt at filling in his sides, there are still gaps that let you see clear through his body.

His head is on a hinge and swivel, but he can't really look down. His shoulders are on swivels and double hinges, but do not butterfly. He swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, thighs, and knees. His thumbs are fixed and his fingers are single pinned and articulate as one unit. He has double-jointed elbows and ratcheted, single-jointed knees. His hips are on universal joints. He has ankle rockers and feet tilts. He does not have an ab crunch.

His only accessory is his rifle. The handle is on a hinge for articulation while mounted in vehicle mode. It is two pieces of black and gray plastic with decent line work but no paint application. He holds it very securely in his hands.

J4ZZ is not exactly Masterpiece styled enough for my taste, but I don't think that is Generation Toy's design aesthetic anyway. He will be a good enough stand-in, at least until one of the other options arrive from Hova or Maketoys. Despite a couple of flaws, this is a great figure with a beautiful alt mode that I don't regret adding to my collection. I'll probably be starting a shelf for IDW-inspired figures which J4ZZ seems to be.

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