Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mastermind Creations Jaegertron - Lockdown

My only knowledge of Lockdown comes from the Michael Bey movie, but I'm more than happy to add any Mastermind Creations Reformatted figure to my collection. They usually have an interesting design and are fun to play with. Despite a couple of flaws, Jaegetron is no exception.

I like the general shape of the space fighter, but there are gaps in the form and several panels simply won't line up without popping out of their tabs. The cockpit is not supposed to open, but it always gets unpegged. The right tail fin has stress marks out of the box and is bent at a slight angle near the tip. You can attach the trailer, but it turns a sleek fighter into a winnebago. Jaegertron won't displace Generations Brainstorm as my favorite space fighter.

The trailer has decent line work and paint applications. The large thruster is red transparent plastic. It opens to reveal a storage locker for his melee weapons and trophies. The clips are made specifically for the heads of Mastermind Creations Feralcons. There are only four clips for five weapons, but you can stash one in the empty space and still close up the trailer. It features a light-up gimmick, but batteries are not included.

Transformation from robot to space fighter mode isn't difficult, but there are a couple of tabs to line up on the wings and arms that I had trouble keeping tabbed in. The cockpit connection to the nose cone is very irksome. There is a bit of parts-forming involved with the disc. The swords have to be removed first. Although you can leave the head on during transformation, I found it easier just to remove it completely. The disc partially hides it anyways. The gun head attaches between the nose cone pieces. As usual, going back to robot mode is much less finicky.

Like Mastermind Creations Commotus, Jaegertron has painted lines running throughout his body that I'll have fun adding a glow effect to for scene recreations. The default head has a metallic silver face, with metallic red eyes. His legs can't straighten completely so he always has a bow-legged look.

All three heads connect via a peg that is attached to a ball joint. Although he can swivel and rotate his head perfectly fine, turning side to side seems limited and is kind of difficult to achieve. His shoulders are on swivels and hinges. They don't butterfly and the ratcheted transformation joints are prone to swinging out when rotating his shoulders forward. He swivels at the biceps, forearms, wrists, waist, and thighs. His hands are the standard MMC hands that are fixed in an open grip. He has double-jointed elbows and double-jointed, ratcheted knees. His hips are on universal joints, with ratchets along the frontal axis. His feet are on ball joints and have somewhat less wonky ankles than is usual with MMC. I'm still getting used to the figure, but he doesn't appear to be as posable as Azalea or Cynicus.

He has a plethora of accessories - a pair of rifles, a pair of swords, five melee weapons, a pair of mounted guns, two alternate heads, and one replacement head for each of the Feralcons. Each pair of guns consists of identical molds. All are single pieces of black plastic with some line work but no paint applications. The long guns appear to be for mounting on his wings; the handles are too short for his fists and the shape of the butts interferes with his wrists. The handles of the swords are painted in metallic silver while the blades are transparent green plastic. The line work along the blades is nicely done. The handles of the rifles and swords fit well in his hands without the usual scariness of some of their previous figures. The swords can also store in holsters found in his backpack. The melee weapons consists of two different types of maces, an axe, a spike, and a hook. All are done in gun metal gray with silver paint on the sharp bits. They are meant for mounting by swapping out his hands. The handles are for storage in the weapons locker / trophy case.  One alternate head is the same as the default, except for a movable mask done in translucent green plastic. His face is not really visible through the mask. This head, with the mask down, will probably be my preferred option. The final alternate head has the giant gun face like the one in the Michael Bey movie.

The quality of this figure seems up to par with the other figures in this line. My main complaint is with the loose shoulder plates, but I'm glad to have picked him up. Since Mastermind Creations has announced their version of Megatron, I will probably start a shelf for their Reformatted line of figures. I'm crossing my fingers that an Optimus Prime will be in the works.

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