Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Images of GCreation Shuraking Combiner. SKR-01/02/03 restock coming soon.

GCreation SKR Shuraking Combiner

Enjoy some new pics of GCreation SKR Shuraking Combiner. We have SKR-01 Thunderous, SKR-02 Growl, and SKR-03 Wrath, coming back in stock soon! So make sure to follow the links and reserve yours. Don't forget to take advantage of the Prime Directives to save more. Thanks again for choosing The Chosen Prime!

New images of GCreation SKR-04 Blade

GCreation SKR-04 Blade

GCreations just recently shown new pictures of the 4th member of the Shuraking combiner. Here's SKR-04 Blade. Make sure to follow the links and reserve yours. Thanks for choosing The Chosen Prime!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Takara MP-27 Ironhide, now in-stock!

Takara MP-27 Ironhide

Time to bust some Decepti-chops! Takara MP-27 Ironhide is in the house! Get yours today by following the links. Don't forget to take advantage of the Prime Directives and save more. Thanks for choosing The Chosen Prime!

Takara LG-18 Armada Thundercracker (Armada Starscream Supermode), now in-stock!

Takara LG-18 Armada Thundercracker

New and in-stock. We now have the Takara LG-18 Armada Thundercracker ready for shipping. Just follow the links and order yours. Thank you for choosing The Chosen Prime!

Perfect Effect DX07 Xerxes, now in-stock!

Perfect Effect DX07 Xerxes

Just arrived today and ready to be shipped out. Get your Perfect Effect DX07 Xerxes by following the links. Thanks for your continued patronage of The Chosen Prime!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fans Toys Mercenary - Shrapnel

Insect mode is pretty neat looking. Just like Grenadier, this is a large and chunky bug that dwarves the Masterpiece Autobot cars. The mandibles do not have enough tension to hold an energon cube between them, but the legs are strong enough to support the weight of the figure plus at least one Autobot. I don't like how the hands are handled though. They loosely clip to the underside and easily come loose. I suppose there is some fun to be had with the mini people from the Masterpiece figures. 

I can't say that I enjoyed the transformation. Going to insect mode, I do like how the shoulders collapse into the chest, but I hate having to collapse legs by shoving thighs into calves because that means yanking on them for the reverse transformation. I also couldn't figure out what to do with the rod that the insect legs are attached to. Going back to robot mode was much simpler, but I couldn't figure out how to compress the bug legs as they were out of the box.

I love the robot mode. The head sculpt looks wonderful. His eye visor is a rich metallic red and his chest plate is a metallic yellow. The bug leg backpack doesn't bother me too much. It compacts pretty well, about on par with Badcube Claymore.

His head is on a ball joint and his shoulders are on a hinge and swivel. He swivels at the waist, biceps, wrists, and thighs. His fingers are single pinned. He has ankle rockers and feet tilt. He definitely has double jointed elbows, but I'm not entirely sure about his knees. They look like they should be double joitned, but I can only bend the knees at the one joint. His universal hip joints are strong enough to hold the weight of his die-cast legs. The insect mandibles can articulate as well. The shoulder pylons are on their own hinge.

For accessories, Mercenary includes a purple rifle, a chrome rifle, an extra set of insect legs, a translucent orange chest plate, a screwdriver, and three transparent energon cubes. Both rifles fit fine in his hands and use Masterpiece style tabs. I'm not going to be switching the chest plates. I did that on Grenadier, but when I wanted to switch back, I stripped the screw trying to get it back out. The screw itself wouldn't come out more than half way for some reason. Oh well, at least now I have an excuse to pick up the gray chest version of Grenadier. I won't be swapping the legs either since I'm happy with the longer, more articulated legs.

I'll be displaying Mercenary on my Masterpiece shelf. I love the look and feel of this figure. It's very weighty because of the die-cast parts. The Badcube bugs are great too, but they are not as hefty. Mercenary fits in pretty well with them. One set or another could be clones where the differences could be due to a faulty cloning process. Whatever excuse to put another set of Transformers on the shelf, right?

Toyworld TW-C06 Concrete- new pics.

Toyworld TW-C06 Concrete

New images of Toyworld TW-C06 Concrete. Reserve yours by following the links and don't forget to take advantage of the Prime Directives!

Toyworld TW-C05 Shovel - new pics.

Toyworld TW-C05 Shovel

New images of Toyworld TW-C05 Shovel. Check them out and then check out at the store to reserve yours. Thanks for choosing The Chosen Prime!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Unique Toys Buzzing - Blurr

I was never a big fan of Blurr's hovercraft alt mode in the cartoon, but it seems to be pretty faithfully represented here. There are a couple of mount points for the included rifle. Haywire doesn't fit in the cockpit. A display stand would have been a nice accessory to include.

Transformation from robot to vehicle starts off easy enough, but it's easy to get a little turned around when dealing with the legs. I also had a little trouble getting the thrusters on the arms to go into the undercarriage and the seats to tab together. I'm not sure what to do with the dark blue panels in the cockpit.

Buzzing really shines in robot mode. The face sculpt looks fantastic and features metallic painted eyes. There are three different shades of blue throughout, interspersed with yellow, white, and metallic silver. On mine, the cockpit window has some paint globs, some of the edges aren't well-defined, and there are tiny paint splashes in a few places. The blades behind his elbows are a little exaggerated, but don't get in the way of articulation. If you lower the knee caps, you can make use of a shin swivel.

His head is on a swivel and hinge. His shoulders are on ratcheted swivels that hinge. He also swivels at the waist, biceps, forearms, wrist, and upper thighs. His fingers are single pinned, but the pointing finger is independent of the lower three. He has double jointed elbows and knees that go well past 90 degrees. His hips are soft ratcheted universals that can hold the weight of the leg. He has ankle rockers and feet tilt, but the sculpt of the legs gets in the way of the rockers.

His accessories include Haywire, a rifle, and a transformation cog. Haywire doesn't make a convincing rifle on his own, but he can combine with the other rifle to make a longer rifle. The longer rifle isn't that great either. Whatever configuration, Buzzing holds the rifles very securely in either hand without the need for that silly Masterpiece-style tab. As a Nebulon, Haywire is pretty well-articulated, but his legs keep popping off. It's nowhere near as bad as Grax from Toyworld Swamper. The transformation cog has accents in translucent plastic and fits nicely in the palm of Buzzing's hand.

I'll be displaying Buzzing on my Masterpiece shelf because of his size, quality, and likeness to the character. SXS Overclocking already works very well on my CHUG shelf. The paint application could be better applied, but I love how he's not simply a solid block of blue. This is a great figure. We are so close to having a full cast of Masterpiece Autobots from The Movie. Fans Toys is almost done with the Dinobots. I believe KFC is working on the Junkions. We just need a Masterpiece style Arcee, Kup, and Springer. Ugh, Wheelie, too.