Friday, March 10, 2017

Maketoys Contactshot with Targetwarrior - Pointblank and Peacemaker

For some reason, I never really liked the Headmasters and Targetmasters. I didn't watch Transformers for the people after all. Maketoys Contactshot doesn't really change my mind about Targetmasters, but I definitely enjoy this figure.

I like his vehicle mode a lot. It's fairly clean, even the underside. The flames on the sides are tampographed. He rolls very well on rubber tires. There are two weapon panels next to the canopy that flip up. The canopy opens to reveal a cockpit with a visible engine block and a decorative steering wheel. Targetwarrior fits inside just fine.

Transformation in either direction is very simple. The few tabs and pegs seemed to line up very easily going into car mode. I would just be mindful of the clear plastic on the canopy.

Contactshot has some clean, metallic silver paint applications. He has Die-cast in his shins and feet. His head and face sculpts are done very well. His chin is a bit large, but I guess it's accurate to the show. I particularly like the detail visible through the faux canopy on his chest. There are a couple of visible gaps in his flanks from the sides.

His head is on a ball joint with a fair amount of vertical articulation. His shoulders are on ball-jointed hinges. They can raise up and outward to 90 degrees, but you have to be mindful of his shoulder pauldrons. The pauldrons are on swivels for transformation and hinges so you can mostly keep them out of the way of his arms. His thumbs are fixed. The rest of his fingers are single-pinned and articulate as one unit. He swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, and thighs. There are ratchets in his thigh swivels. He has double-jointed elbows that can curl past 90 degrees and ratcheted, single-jointed knees that can only get to 90 degrees. He also has an ab crunch. His hips are on ratcheted universals. The ratchets have a wide spread. He can achieve full front and side splits. He has ankle tilts, but the leg sculpt gets in the way of the rockers.

His accessories include his Targetmaster, an extension for his Targetmaster, an alternate head sculpt, and three alternate face sculpts. The alternate head sculpt for Contactshot has a single crest in the middle, but I prefer the default one. One extra face has a surprised expression and the other two are similar but with eye visors instead of eyes. They are all painted in metallic silver with metallic blue eyes. The heads and faces are very easy to swap.

Targetwarrior, or not-Peacemaker, is decent enough for a Nebulon. He is simply colored plastic, with metallic paint for his eyes and face. He has ball-jointed neck, shoulders and hips, single-jointed elbows and knees, and an ab crunch. Targetwarrior looks fairly good as a rifle, especially with the extension attached. The handle fits very well in the slotted groove in Contactshot's fists. This is by far my favorite system for holding weapons. I'll likely be keeping him in rifle mode. 

Contactshot is definitely a great figure that I'm glad to add to my Masterpiece shelf. He has a stress-free and fun transformation. I can't wait for more.

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