Friday, March 24, 2017

Toyworld Spaceracer - Cosmos

Unpacking Toyworld Spaceracer brought back some nostalgic but fuzzy memories. I remember picking up Cosmos from the flea market with my father. It may have been a knockoff, but I didn't care then. Spaceracer is a far cry from that stubby, single-footed childhood favorite.

I would like his flying saucer mode, except I can't get his arms and legs to stay pegged together. For some reason he just wants to come apart so there are unsightly gaps everywhere. The display stand mount helps to keep his legs together. He has some metallic painted details, but I wished his green were metallic too. The underside is pretty clean. His dual cannons can retract individually.

Transformation is straightforward in either direction. Coming out of spaceship mode is easy. Going to space ship mode, I had trouble getting his legs and arms to stay pegged together. For some reason, the pegs kept popping out of their ports. The thing I really don't like is having to yank on his head to pull it out for robot mode. I worry that the clip to keep it from sinking back down will eventually break. 

Spaceracer is a short and portly little robot, just like I remember from the show. He has metallic paint on his face, chest, and feet. His eyes can be rotated between two different expressions - neutral and surprised. It is not the easiest mechanism to use, but it is very easy to scratch or dent the paint on his face. His UFO cannons can slide out to give him feet cannons. My only complaint is how the back of his calves are just panels that don't lock into place.

His head is on a ball joint, but he doesn't have much vertical range. His shoulders are on hinged ball joints that sit on panels that rock in and out of his sides. He can raise his arms out and up to 90 degrees. He can also swivel his arm on the black armatures. His elbows and knees are single-jointed and can only curl to 90 degrees. His hands do not articulate, but he does have standard 5mm ports. He swivels at his elbows, wrists, and waist. His hips are on universals that almost allow him to do a full Van Damme for front and side splits. He has ankle rockers and tilts, but his feet only tilt downward and are very wonky. He is prone to falling over backward like Bii. Using the ankle tilts will separate the panels of his calves.

He does not come with any weapons, but an orange display stand is included in a separate box. It is the same style as the pair that came with Primorion. The stand plugs into a removable piece on the underside of his vehicle mode or his butt in robot mode. 

I'll be displaying Spaceracer on my Toyworld shelf to add to Primorion's growing army of minibots. Despite the wonky ankles, he is a wonderfully fun figure. For me, he definitely brings back a lot of childhood memories. I can't wait to add more Toyworld figures to this shelf.

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