Thursday, June 8, 2017

Toyworld Wavebreak - Seaspray

Seaspray is one of those characters that never appealed to me. With the host of new Autobots in Season 2, I was more interested in the more militarily capable bots. Still, can't be having gaps on my shelf. Toyworld Wavebreak does a decent, but not great, job at filling in my Season 2 line-up.

I've never seen a real hovercraft before, but I suppose this is a close enough representation. Transparent blue plastic works well for the various windows. A few splashes of yellow paint provide some contrast against the blue. The propellers spin just fine. There are no tiny wheels on the underside.

Transformation in either direction is pretty simple and straightforward. I didn't really have any issues with tolerance or finickiness. I do wish in robot mode that his ankles would lock into place on either end of their sliders.

Robot mode reveals more yellow plastic and some previously hidden blue and grey paint applications. Although I like his face sculpt, his head should have been completely yellow except for some gray around his eyes. He has blue light-piping that works pretty well. Despite the blue panels on his chest and tummy, he pretty much hits the right notes for the character. It feels like Toyworld got a little lazy wth his clumpy feet though. They should have provided some sort of way to streamline the outer sides.

His head is on a ball joint. He can look up a little bit but not down. His shoulders are on swivels and hinges. He can raise his arms out and up just shy of 90 degrees. He has double-jointed elbows that can perform full curls. He has no bicep swivel, only a wrist swivel. His hands are fixed in an open grasp. If we are being generous, he has a very minor ab crunch high up near his chest. He has no waist swivel, but his crotch can pivot a little in either direction. His hips are on universals that let him do a full side splits, but not a full front splits. His thighs only pivot a little on the universal joint. He has single-jointed knees that only curl to 90 degrees. He has ankle tilts and rockers. His feet can also pivot.

His only accessories are his twin guns and a display base that comes in a separate box. The guns are blue with virtually no line work and pull out barrels. They double as the rear bumper in vehicle mode. The display base is the same style as those that came with the other recent Toyworld figures.

Onto my Toyworld shelf he goes to join Bii and Spaceracer in Primorion's ever growing army of bots that don't seem to be too useful in a fight. Like the others before him, Wavebreak is a fun figure that I'm not afraid to play with. He definitely could use some more articulation points, and I wish his feet looked better. I'm still hopeful that a Powerglide is forthcoming.

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