Thursday, June 15, 2017

Transform Mission Revolt - Dragstrip

Transform Mission Revolt - Dragstrip

Transform Mission Revolt has me pretty excited to complete this set of Stunticons. Despite the somewhat annoying backpacks of the previous figures, I really like the overall design.

Since Combiner Wars wasn't going for real world cars, I couldn't understand why that Dragstrip only has four wheels. Revolt has the appropriate six wheels. I especially like the detailing on the engine block, with the metallic gold paint and line work. Too bad it's not Die-cast. The racing stripes are cleanly applied. The cockpit has some nice detailing as well, with a steering wheel and seat belts represented. It's too small for the mini Transformer people though. His head is kind of visible in the cockpit. Although his undercarriage is fairly clean, it doesn't really hide robot hands and legs. He rolls quite well on three pairs of rubber tires. His rifle stores underneath.

Transformation is pretty fun. I particularly like how the legs form up, and I especially like how the wheels lock into place so they don't spin. This was something that DX9 Invisible really needed. His arms are pretty straightforward to form. I don't like having to yank out his forearms though and I couldn't get his neck plate to stay tabbed in. Going back to vehicle mode was pretty easy and not frustrating.

Like the previous Stunticons from Transform Mission, I find I really enjoy Revolt's robot mode. The paint applications and line work really make for an interesting figure. The head could be a little more stylized, but that's maybe because I'm fond of Combiner Wars Dragstrip's face sculpt. This time, there is no swiveling backpack that messes with my OCD. 

His head is on a ball joint. He can look up, but not down. His shoulders are on hinged ball joints. He can raise his arms out and up a little past 90 degrees. His shoulder covers are on their own hinges and swivels so you have to manipulate them separate from his arms. He swivels at his biceps and forearms. His elbows are single-jointed and can only curl to 90 degrees. His thumbs are fixed in place and the rest of his fingers are single-pinned and articulate as one unit. He has a waist swivel. His hips are on universals. While he can technically do a full side splits, the gray pieces on the back of his thighs literally cause his butt to detach. The same pieces prevent him from doing a full front splits because he can't raise his legs out behind him. Being mindful of his hip skirts allows him to raise his legs out in front of him. His thighs swivel around his universal joints and are hindered by their sculpt. His single-jointed knees only curl to 90 degrees. Like Invisible, he doesn't really have feet. His toes are on tilts and swivels. His heels are his wheels, but they are locked in place so he doesn't have a tendency to fall over.

His accessories include his rifle and more build-it-yourself bits for a miniature Optimus Prime. The rifle has some silver paint. The handle and extra grip are on hinges. I really wish designers would move away from Masterpiece-styled tabs, especially when it's a pain to fit the gun handle within the figure's grasp. To its credit, the rifle stays put once you finagle it into place. I don't think there are enough pieces to put together Optimus Prime yet. Between various photography projects and painting miniatures, I don't think I'll get around to assembling him.

I'll be displaying Revolt on my IDW shelf. I'm glad I started collecting the Transform Mission Stunticons. They've got a hat trick going so I am quite hopeful the rest of the set won't disappoint. I can't wait to get a hold of an IDW Megatron to lead this group.

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